Our Mission

We are passionate about empowering individuals to take their own step towards making their next dream home a reality.


Maryna King


The owner Maryna King of Ustage, grew up renovating with her family and managed her own property staging company for the past 4 years.


Maryna has had numerous requests and helped so many people make delightful improvements to their properties. However, the time consuming inconvenience of sourcing the appropriate light fitting, cupboard door handles or an excursion to suppliers, to ensure the paint colour worked with the carpets, lead to her innovative new business concept, devised to change her environment and deliver a more suitable, affordable and faster service.

As an avant-garde interior designer, she came up with a DIY solution which gives her clients a complete DIY Guide on how to manage and execute every process in the Guide to cost effectively transform their homes, complete with DIY tutorial videos, illustrations, mood boards and where to purchase the suggested items from reputable retailers.


Over a long period of time, Maryna and her brother, Andre the IT Guru, developed software to create a customized DIY Guide that is as unique to every property, as finger prints are to every person.

Tony Smith


Following a 20-year career in senior commercial roles within professional service multi-national companies Tony’s passion today is seeing Ustage flourish and achieve its full potential. Regardless of size or geographic footprint, the challenges faced by all businesses are the same and every organisation is equally deserving of access to the necessary commercial skills to help set them apart. Tony’s mission is to connect Ustage with best practices from leading multi-national organisations. Working collaboratively with our clients we can create beautiful homes and maximise everyone’s return.

Tony Smith

Kathryn Edmonds


Boasting a decade-deep of creative industry knowledge Kathryn’s skills and expertise are vast and lay predominantly in her ability to connect with Ustage consumers through highly engaging and captivating communication. She understands the importance of helping brands find their unique voice in the market and implementing effective ways to maximise their message that cuts through the noise of today’s digital landscape.

As a qualified Fashion Designer, Stylist and Content Marketer, Kathryn has a strong background in customised and end-to-end campaign creation that is not only visually stunning, it’s results-driven and innovatively crafted to suit each of her client’s unique desired outcomes.

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