DIY Property Staging Guide

DIY Property Staging Guide

Searching for a comprehensive home styling solution without the price tag? Look no further than Ustage.


Why Ustage DIY Property Staging Guide?

  • The Guide is instant – after the in-house consultation with a professional stylist, you will receive your guide immediately so you can get started as soon as you are ready.

  • The DIY Guide means no more running frantically after a stylist or a real estate agent trying to take notes.

  • The DIY Guide is interactive, with links to tutorial videos, retailers, and specific products selected for you. No more wondering what light fitting to purchase or paint colour to choose!

  • Ustage includes all areas of your property from the postbox, to the bathroom, and right through to the back fence.

  • We offer you a comprehensive solution – it’s not just about adding furniture or some pillows – we look at every aspect of your home and suggest changes that will make the biggest impact on potential buyers without over capitalising.

  • We show you how to work with your own furniture and existing accessories which you can implement at your new home.

  • You’re in the driver’s seat – the Ustage DIY Guide is your detailed map supporting you through the process.

  • We put our years of experience to work for you, finding cost effective solutions customised to your home, all packaged together in the guide complete with website links, prices and images

Ustage examines every inch of your house, from the postbox to the back fence, and will help turn your beloved home into a house ready for sale.

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What can I expect?

Following your in-home visit by our Ustage professional you will receive your tailored and easy to use DIY Guide via email. It will cover improvements like changing old knobs in the bathroom, removing mould in the kitchen, painting a ceiling, improving curb side appeal, or even styling your coffee table – highlighting the ‘critical’ elements as well as ‘other suggested’ tasks to perform, so you can decide where to focus your efforts first . Encompassing all rooms and areas – inside and out, it is completely tailored to your property’s style and target market, it will incorporate your own furniture and furnishings as much as possible. It comes complete with DIY illustrations and videos as well as suggested items for your styling with helpful tips including how to, where to buy and also trades if some tasks are beyond your available time or skills. You are in control!

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Is it for me?

It's for anyone that:

  • wants to increase their property’s value without over-capitalising, leading to higher chance of success come sales day

  • needs a solution that is tailored to their home –

  • the furniture, style, suburb and target market

  • has the capability to make their home look fantastic but isn’t sure where to start or what changes to make

  • has always wanted to learn more about design

  • but needs a helping hand

  • wants to take charge of the way their property is presented to the public

  • is looking for a more affordable option than full property staging

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DIY Property Staging Guide

Take-Away Styling Option

We know that purchasing all the required styling items can be costly and you may not need them longer term. Should you decide not to purchase the suggested items there is a Take-Away Styling solution, providing you with a rental option and step-by-step styling recipe for each area.