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Potential buyers aren’t just looking for a structure to live in – they’re looking to fulfil their dreams and improve their lifestyles by turning their new house into a home.


Ustage is a DIY property staging service that helps you prepare your property for sale so that it looks its absolute best, all the while keeping you in the driver’s seat.

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The Ustage difference

We all love our homes, but often the quirks that we live with comfortably (such as a rusty cat door as old as the beloved cat!) are exactly the things that potential home buyers will pick up on, and may turn them off from offering a price that reflects its worth.

Ustage provides you with a fresh set of eyes on your home which will do much more than just suggest some nice throws and pillows. Instead, Ustage examines every inch of your property, from the postbox to the back fence, and will help turn your beloved home into a house ready for sale by providing you with a tailored step-by-step DIY Guide so YOU can easily stage your home professionally at a fraction of the cost!

The methodical, step-by-step DIY property staging approach Ustage takes is all done with one goal in mind – to attract as many keen buyers as possible so that your home achieves the highest possible selling price

Selling a home can at times be a stressful, lonely or overwhelming experience, and not knowing where to begin is very common. Ustage aims to take the pain away by providing you with a DIY Guide that highlights the most important tasks to tackle, alleviating the endless questions about whether or not to replace the carpet, what colour to repaint, what light fitting to choose or how to increase your ‘curb appeal’. Instead, the DIY Guide prepared for your home by a qualified interior stylist shows you cost effective ways to make little upgrades that provide big impact. The Guide also provides you with trusted suppliers and products chosen to suit your home and DIY property staging tutorials on tasks you might want to have a go at yourself to avoid over capitalising. 

In short, the Ustage DIY Guide is a second set of eyes and a helping hand, supporting you throughout the sometimes chaotic process of selling your home.

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How does the Ustage DIY Property Staging Guide work?

A Ustage stylist comes to you and provides a professional analysis of your home.

Shortly after the appointment, a practical and easy-to-follow interactive guide is emailed to you. You are in charge throughout the process, making this more affordable than traditional staging. We even offer different DIY styling kits called TakeAway Styling, which provide you with rented decor pieces – a fantastic option for those not looking to purchase items. Our styling kits are very easy to use and come complete with step-by-step instructions. View our TakeAway Styling page for more info.

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