Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Have you dreamed of staging your home for sale but simply couldn’t afford it?

We like to introduce you to an innovative, affordable and easy solution, The Ustage DIY Guide.

The heart of this solution comes from years of seeing homeowners struggle to sell their homes simply because property staging was out of reach, due to budget and time restraints.

The Ustage DIY Guide is an affordable solution for Aussie homeowners wanting to sell their home fast and secure the best-selling price. While working alongside a team of experts, the Ustage DIY Guide makes property staging easy, with a step-by-step guidebook that empowers you to make a big impact where it counts.

The story behind this innovative solution.

Maryna King, our Founder, grew up renovating home after home with her parents, something they loved doing as a family. This way of life evolved to become a deeply ingrained passion and she continued to renovate homes creating beautiful spaces for her family and many others.

Creativity is her way of life, she has worked across five countries, working in the design sector, renovating 50-foot yachts in Dubai to styling Grand Prix Private viewing boxes in Singapore. Her love for styling overflows to interior design and property staging.

Over the years she has been continually confronted with the fact, that traditional property staging solutions focuses only on the inside of a property. For Maryna, this was like having a paintbrush without the paint. Maryna’s staging stood out as she went over and above this, focusing on the finer details that created a significant impact.

The Ustage concept was born two years ago after a memorable experience with a client. The client was a very special lady who had to sell her Mum’s home, which was also her childhood home. You can image how overwhelming this experience was for her. At the time she didn’t have the financial means to make the home pop in a highly crowded market. Maryna’s heart broke for her and this is how the Ustage concept came to life. She helped her transform the property for sale on a DIY budget. Maryna helped source cheaper products from the right suppliers and helped with staging the property beautifully for its new owners.

From this, Maryna knew it was time to come up with a solution that covered more than traditional property staging did. She needed to create something that would help people prepare their entire property for sale while keeping it affordable and the homeowner in control of the entire process. It was imperative that this solution remained easy to manage, gave peace of mind to the homeowner and created the best return on investment. From this, the Ustage DIY Property Staging Guide was created.

The process is simple.

The guide focuses on each area of your property independently and provides you with a list of everything that needs to be removed, added or updated with a detailed styling illustration in each space. The illustrations cover everything from how to place the cushions on the sofa to how to make your bed like a pro.

The Guide allows you to click on images to enlarge them and to view more detailed information such as where to purchase the products listed and their sale price.

Something we are very excited about is the Update section. In this section, we have included many DIY tutorial videos that help you tackle the DIY challenges such as how to remove the oil stain in your driveway to how to remove the mould in your bathroom. We also included clickable mood boards that direct you to websites where you can purchase items directly.

We are conscious that DIY property staging needs to be done on a budget. So, the aim is to try and work with the furniture you have, providing an option where you can instantly receive a quote for missing or replacement furniture pieces.

Clients who love the Ustage DIY Guide.

We have had clients put the Ustage DIY guide to test and they love it!

In their words …

“Every single person that sells their house should have a DIY Guide, you can’t afford not to have it, as Ustage showed me things in my house that I got so used too and your fresh set of eyes pointed them out” Renee

“I will keep this document for the rest of my live as I have learned so much and a lot of it will help in the future to style my house as I now know how to work with my furniture better”. Rachel

As you can see the beauty of this solution, is that the guide is tailored made for each client and their property. It’s not a document that you can download from the internet, it's bespoke!

We can’t wait to work with many more clients, showing them how easy and affordable property staging can be!

Special thanks from Maryna.

Behind every successful business are amazing people.

I want to thank my silent partner (you know who you are!) for being the most amazing and patient person I have ever known. You are the brains behind the development and programming of the software and have successfully created the DIY Guide. A huge thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you!

To my very special Mum, Hermien and Eugene thank you for instilling me the value of creating beautiful family homes, and for working alongside me to bring the vision to life.

To Sharon & Roz, thank you for always being the listening ears, my sounding board and ongoing support.

To my CFO, Tony Smith from Auxesia Solutions, you’re an incredibly talented man who took the time to understand my business and helped me create a business plan that was world-class.

To my creative and marketing team, Kathryn & Jessica, thank you for shining the best lights possible on my business so it stands out and makes an impact in the industry.

As they say, save the best till last and that’s my husband Neville. You’re the backbone in our family, my biggest supporter and encourager. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to bring my dream to life, I am certainly blessed having you by my side.

The entrepreneurial journey is a tough one, but by the grace of God I got through it and now the best bit of the journey awaits!

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