This morning I was looking down from my deck onto my swimming pool cover, which was layered with dust and leaves, it really wasn’t inviting. It reminded me that this is an area that often gets overlooked when preparing a house for sale. As Spring is here, it’s the season that typically everybody wants to put their properties on the market.

Why Selling in Spring is Perfect?

Spring is a time of year when people feel alive and motivated to move compared to Winter months where we don’t want to leave the comfort of our homes. As people are out and about during Spring, it makes it the ideal season to sell your property. Given its also warmer you can position your house as an entertainer’s delight accentuating the beautiful outdoor and entertainment areas. You can open wide your doors and windows, welcoming people into open, airy and inviting spaces allowing them to envisage themselves in these spaces regularly.

Selling in Spring does sets you up for a successful sale. It enables you to focus and accentuate your properties best assets and for many this is the swimming pool. Its an area that is so easy and simple to make look beautiful.

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From my many years in Interior Design, I’ve pulled together my top DIY staging tips to help you prepare your home for sale, focusing specifically on the swimming pool area:

· Ensure that your swimming pool is clean and sparkling blue.

· Ensure that your garden areas around it is well manicured.

· Pressure hose and clean the paving around the swimming pool.

· Ensure all pool toys and equipment are stored away out of potential buyers’ eyesight.

· Wash all outdoor furniture including cushions ensuring they look clean and inviting.

· Pool fencing should be secure and freshly painted, if you have glass fencing make sure its sparkling clean.

· If you have a lot of paving around your swimming pool and no gardens add some beautiful pots and plants within the area. Remember to keep it away from the pool fence as this will breach Australian Pool Safety regulations. Spending a little extra in these spaces can provide a great ROI and you can even take them with you when you move.

· If you don’t have sun lounges, I would recommend purchasing some affordable pieces. They really accentuate the space and can style them beautifully to make the space even more inviting.

· If you have water features around the swimming pool ensure that they are working, clean and are on during open home inspections, there is nothing more soothing than running water.

· If you do have garden beds in your pool area, consider adding some solar lights to accentuate the spaces greatest features.

· In garden beds, I highly recommend that you add fresh mulch in garden beds. This demonstrates your gardens are well maintained and are healthy. A personal tip is, stay away from the red coloured mulch rather use the dark brown alternative as it highlights the green lusciousness of a garden bed.


Sun lounges can be beautifully styled with some cushions, beach towels, a straw hat and potentially a basket with rolled up towels next to the sun lounge

· Include a side table next to the sun lounge which can also be styled beautifully with a small little tray, some outdoor glassware, a bottle of water potentially in a nice plastic jug, a vase with some flowers and greenery.

· Add some straws in the glass, this helps potential buyers connect with the space, envisioning themselves lying next to the pool relaxing as you would on an exotic island.

· Remember use colours that are cool and patterns that are informal. Colours around the pool that work well are blues, whites, neutrals and greens, refrain from using reds as it triggers the feeling of being hot and uncomfortable.

· If you have space for a lounge setting, decorate that with beautiful cushions and a lovely centrepiece on your coffee table and you can even incorporate their beautiful basket with rolled up towels and place a sunhat nearby.

· I also like to add an external rug as it creates a cosy atmosphere and anchors the space. It is also a good trick to hide aged surfaces in areas that need some renovation.

· If photos of your property will be taken at sunset, ensure that the pool lights are working and any other lights around the pool. I also highly recommend that you include mood lighting too like lanterns as it makes the space pop.

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Lastly, put yourself in the seller’s shoes and think about the things that would make a swimming pool area more enticing and create emotional connections. We want potential buyers to imagine themselves sipping cocktails by your pool, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

I hope my top tips have given you some practical and helpful advice of how to prepare your pool areas successfully for sale.

If you need some extra help or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out as I would love to help!

Happy Selling!



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