DIY Property Staging Guide

Real Estate Agent

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Struggling to help your clients get the best results on a budget?

Your search is over with Ustage

What does Ustage offer?

  • Property staging now affordable to everyone

  • An easy solution with step-by-step instructions

  • It’s DIY, empowering your clients and cutting down on costs

  • It’s custom designed and unique to each home

  • We take the guess work out of the How to?

  • Ustagealso offers affordable DIY Styling pieces - TakeAwayStyling, where we work with the clients furniture

  • and enhance the look

  • The opportunity for more well presented properties, potentially leading to a quicker sale at a higher price. 

  • Most houses require indoor and outdoor preparation, and

  • that’s our biggest point of difference. Establishing differentiation equates to successfully increasing customer benefit and victory to the agent. 

We have many wonderful friends in the property staging business, we are not saying don’t use them,

we just created a different business model that is more affordable to most people.


How wonderful is it that you now can offer your clients two very different models and more people will be able

to afford help to create beautiful homes.


Selling a property can be very overwhelming and stressful, throughout the process, the sellers questions are endless and we at Ustage understand this all too well.


We’ve devised the perfect solution to help, guide and answer all of those questions.  

Why Ustage as opposed to a traditional property staging company?