Property Staging that saves you time & money

The Ustage DIY Guide helps you



Your DIY guide helps you prioritise efforts to key areas of your home that helps sell homes faster. 


Save Time.

Your DIY guide includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will help transform your home effortlessly. 


Save Money.

The DIY guide uses existing furniture pieces and provides cheaper furnishing alternatives that will create a big impact.

Property Transformations


This beautiful family home needed a facelift to help modernise the layout and make it appealing to potential buyers. We focused on key areas that were dated and replaced them with cost effective and attractive solutions. Our aim is to always use our clients existing furniture where possible and transform spaces with beautiful accessories, soft furnishing and art. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible.

Property Staging Guide Elements

We introduced art to compliment the clients furniture from Ustage's TakeAway Styling Artwork package


We included accessories to create vibrancy and warmth in the space utilising Ustage's TakeAway Styling Accessory package

Light fittings

We updated light fittings to make the space brighter and to create a focal point in the room, a small change with a big impact. Cost of the fitting was $140 .

We changed the window dressings by adding an inexpensive curtain which modernised the room instantly. Cost of the curtain was $30 


This home was an entertainers delight with a challenging layout. For our consultant the solution was easy. We focused on creating logical flows between spaces and styled to emphasise the massive amounts of space throughout the entire home. We used the clients existing furniture and also incorporated stylish accessories, plants and furnishing from Ustage's TakeAway Styling package creating a stunning entertainers dream. 

Property Staging Guide Elements


We introduced art to compliment the clients furniture from Ustage's TakeAway Styling Artwork package

We included accessories to create warmth and depth in the room utilising Ustage's TakeAway Styling Accessory package

Soft Furnishing

Beautiful cushions were added to make the space cosy and inviting from Ustage's TakeAway Styling Soft Furnishing package

We introduced plants as they introduced different textures and brought the space to life. We used Ustage's TakeAway Styling Artificial Plant package

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