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TakeAway Styling

A rental solution for Ustage DIY Guide customers only. Its affordable, easy to use and comes complete with step-by-step instructions.

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Affordable DIY home styling options

We know that purchasing all the required styling items can be costly and you may not need them longer term. Should you decide not to purchase the suggested items, we offer a TakeAway Styling solution, providing you with a rental option and step-by-step styling recipe for each area.

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What is Takeaway Styling

TakeAway Styling is an affordable, easy to use, DIY property styling solution

After receiving your Ustage DIY Guide which talks you through the most important changes to make to your house, you may decide that purchasing suggested styling items is not within your budget. Our TakeAway Style kits are the perfect solution – a parcel of rented goods delivered straight to you for a fraction of the cost, all designed to work with your existing furniture and colour palette!

How does it work?

A box arrives at your doorstep. Nestled inside are pieces that have been hand-selected for your home. Each item has been thoughtfully sourced from the Ustage warehouse to complement your property and to showcase your home’s potential. Step-by-step styling cards complete the kit.

The rest is simple:

  • Unpack your rented treasures

  • Follow the recipe card

  • Stand back and admire your handiwork.

After your house sells, simply pack the items back up, and a Ustage member will collect them.

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Why TakeAway Styling?

Our TakeAway style kits are designed to give you back the power. Often times when people take on the task of styling their home by themselves, people buy too much or not enough, or do not choose cohesive pieces as a result of shopping at ten different stores without a clear vision of what their home needs. It can quickly become overwhelming, and costs add up fast.

Renting one of our TakeAway styling kits keeps things simple and affordable. All the groundwork is done for you – the pieces are chosen by a qualified interior stylist, wrapped up and sent to you, complete with a step-by-step ‘how to style’ guide.

It’s then a simple matter of looking at the recipe card and copying the picture – the whole family can join in.

With the uncertainty removed, you might be surprised to find the styling process becomes hugely enjoyable. Knowing you helped bring out the best in your home is a great feeling, made all the more rewarding when buyers come through the door and can instantly see themselves building a life there – all thanks to you.


TakeAway Styling - Success Stories

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